Singen Recovery Diet


SINGEN Recovery Diet VRC1 for Cat is a tube-feeding formula designed to meet the nutritional needs of postoperative, recovering, and postpartum cats.

It contains hydrolyzed proteins including glutamine which are easily digestible and extra high energy with taurine to provide the necessary nutrients required after recovery from surgery.

In addition, this tube-feeding formula contains herbal extracts such as Panax spp., astragalus sup., angelica spp., and Lycium spp. to help promote hematopoiesis, circulation of the blood, immune function, and recovery rate.

This tube-feeding formula enables cats to recover faster from surgery with its balanced nutrition formulation.


Available 250ml


It applies to postoperative, recovering and postpartum cats receiving feeding tubes


Hydrolyzed proteins, Taurine, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Omega 6, Omega 3, Vitamins, Minerals, water, and herbal extracts

Crude Protein: >12.61%

Crude Fat: > 4.96%

Total carbohydrate : >6.03%

Sodium: > 0.03%

Moisture: <72.78%



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