Dr Clauders Anti Struvite


Dr. Clauder’s Anti-Struvite Diet is a complete formula designed to prevent the formation of struvite crystals and stones in cats.

This food is tailored to reduce the risk of recurrence of struvite while maintaining a healthy urinary tract environment and preventing irritation and inflammation.

The recipe anticipate an acidic pH of the urine to ensure solubility and dissolution of struvite, thereby protecting your cat from further complications. With its balanced calcium and phosphorus content, as well as added magnesium and Vitamin B6 – this diet is sure to prevent struvite formation in cats and help them stay healthy.

Feeding your cat Dr. Clauder’s Anti-Struvite Diet is a preventative way to protect them from the discomfort and pain of struvite crystals and stones.

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Available 200g can

COMPOSITION: poultry, beef, rice, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, cranberries, salmon oil.

INGREDIENTS: crude protein 7.6%, crude fat 6.8%, crude fiber 0.42%, crude fiber 1.5%, raw phosphorus 74%, potassium 0.17%, sodium 0.15%, magnesium 0.23%, chloride 0.42%, sulfur 0.02%.

ADDITIVES / KG: Vitamin A 0.72 IU, Vitamin D0.08 5000IU, Vitamin E 3mg, taurine 150mg LecithX Cassia Gum 100mg, Ammonium Chloride 600mg, potassium citrate 1200mg.


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