PEDIGREE Tasty Bites


PEDIGREE? Tasty Bites Crunchy Pockets are dog treats that combine a crunchy exterior with a meaty, flavorsome center. These bite-sized treats are perfect for rewarding your dog any time of the day, without compromising on taste.

With a delicious flavor and texture, these dog treats will have your dog begging for more.

PEDIGREE? Tasty Bites Crunchy Pockets are a healthy, meaty treat that your dog will love! So reward them with a delicious snack that is sure to put a smile on their face.

Enjoy the moments with your dog and treat them to PEDIGREE? Tasty Bites Crunchy Pockets today.

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Available 50g

Flavor: Chicken

INGREDIENTS Corn, Plam Stearin, Wheat Flour, Poultry and Poultry by Products, Corn Gluten Meal, Flavour, Soy Bean Meal, Iodised Salt, Minerals, Preservatives, Food Colouring

FEEDING GUIDELINES Body weight Piece per day <5 kg 6 – 20 5-10 kg 20 – 33 10-25 kg 33 – 67 25-30 kg 67 – 1138


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