Emervit Vitamins


Emervit is anti-stress and helps boost appetite, aiding in the prevention of any vitamin deficiencies.

It contains natural ingredients which are gentle on your pet’s stomach and easy to digest, ensuring better absorption and utilization of essential vitamins and minerals for improved health.

The combination of taurine, lysine, methionine makes Emervit an ideal choice for multi-vitamin supplements.

It helps to keep your pet’s coat, skin, bones and muscles healthy while also assisting with digestion to ensure optimal health.

Emervit is a powerful anti-stress, appetite stimulant and prevention supplement which will help to promote better health, longer life and a more active lifestyle for your pet.


Available 120ml

Suggested Dosage and Administration To be given daily during meals or as per recommendation of your Veterinarian.

For puppies (less than 12months of age) – 1ml to 2.5ml (1/2 teaspoon) For Large Breed Puppies (less than 12months of age) – 1 Teaspoon to 2 Teaspoon For Kittens (less than 12months of age) -0.5ml to 1ml For small Breed Dogs (1 year onwards of age) – 2ml to 3ml For Large Breed Grown Dogs (1 year onwards of age) – 1 tablespoon For pregnant and Lactating Dog – 1 Tablespoon but remember not to skip a meal with every dosage


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