Nutrical Syrup


Nutrical Calcium Syrup is a dietary supplement specifically designed to supplement calcium in the diet of small animals.

It may be used to prevent and treat calcium deficiency disorders in cats, dogs, rabbits, chinchilla, guinea pigs and hamsters.

Its use helps maintain the normal levels of calcium needed for healthy bones and teeth.

It is easy to administer and is readily absorbed, providing optimal results.

Nutrical Calcium supplement is a safe and effective way to ensure your pet gets the calcium they need for long-term health and wellness.


Available 120ml

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: DOGS AND CATS Give twice daily, directly to the animal or mixed with the food RABBITS/CHINCHILLA 4 drops mixed with drinking water GUINEA PIGS/HAMSTERS 2 drops mixed with drinking water RECOMMENDED DOSAGE FOR CATS AND DOGS: Pregnant and Lactating Dogs: (5-10ml/5kg bodyweight) Pregnant and Lactating Cats: ( Puppies: (5ml/5kg bodyweight) Kittens: (0.5-1ml)


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