Available 60mL
Formulation each ml contains
Sulpyrin 100mg

Dosage (Dogs and Cats)
Dogs: Small Breeds- 1mL twice a day
Medium Breeds- 2mL twice a day
Large Breeds- 3mL twice a day
Giant Breeds- 5mL twice a day

Cats: 1mL- 2mL twice a day
Dosage may be adjusted as prescribed by a licensed veterinarian.

Apply directly on the affected areas twice a day or as prescribed by a licensed veterinarian.


Vetpyrin isn’t just another product; it’s your pet’s best friend when it comes to soothing aches and easing inflammation. Specially formulated blend of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties works harmoniously to provide quick relief, ensuring your pet is back to chasing balls and enjoying life’s little adventures in no time.

Administering Vetpyrin is a breeze, thanks to its pet-approved taste and seamless integration into their routine. Just a few drops, and you’re on your way to witnessing the transformation from discomfort to contentment.

Vetpyrin isn’t just a remedy; it’s a promise to stand by your pet’s side through thick and thin. Whether your loyal companion is a senior dog, a sprightly kitten, or anything in between, Vetpyrin is tailor-made to cater to their unique needs and bring back the joyous bounce in their step.

So, why let discomfort hold your pet back from living their best life? Choose Vetpyrin 60ml, your trusted ally in the battle against discomfort, and let the happy woofs, purrs, and snuggles continue like never before! Your pet deserves nothing less.


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