Singen Liver Diet VLC1 for Cat


SINGEN FHL (HEPATIC LIPIDOSIS DIET) FOR CATS is a liver diet specially formulated for cats receiving tube feeding.

It contains high-density, small-molecule hydrolyzed protein, homogenization technology, and taurine/arginine/glutamine for improved liver health and liver function.

This liver diet is specifically designed for cats suffering from hepatic lipidosis, but it is not recommended for cats with hepatic encephalopathy.

With its use, cats receiving tube feeding can benefit from improved digestion and liver health.

It offers a safe dietary solution that helps cats affected by liver-related issues get the nutrition they need.

SINGEN FHL (HEPATIC LIPIDOSIS DIET) FOR CATS is the liver diet of choice for cats receiving tube feeding.

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Available 250ml

It Contains hydrolyzed protein including glutamine Induces Recovery of Liver Lipid Metabolism Satisfy the minimum physical requirement

Better Constitution, Accelerate Recovery Prevent Disease Recurrence

Indication: it applies for Liver Problem

With Formula of Zinc and L Carnitine

Crude Protein: >6.61% Crude Fat: > 6.36% Phosphorus : >0.11% Potassium: > 0.25% Moisture: <73.40%


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