Singen Kidney Diet


SINGEN Kidney Diet VKD1 for Dogs is a tube-feeding product specifically designed for dogs with kidney problems.

It contains hydrolyzed protein including glutamine, which provides moderate and high-quality protein with lower phosphorus and sodium levels as well as essential amino acids.

This nutrition formula supports kidney function, improves appetite, and provides energy quickly.

It is highly recommended for tube-fed dogs, as it reduces the workload of their kidneys, allowing them to maintain health and wellness without compromising nutrition.

With SINGEN Kidney Diet VKD1 for Dogs, pet owners can be sure that they are providing their pets with the best possible care while improving their quality of life.

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Available 250ml


It applies to dogs receiving feeding tubes suffer from Chronic Renal Failure


Hydrolyzed proteins, Taurine, essential amino acids, Fatty Acids, (DHA, OMEGA 3,OMEGA 6) vitamins, mineral and water.

Crude Protein: >4.20%

Crude Fat: > 7.00%

Phosphorus : >0.06%

Potassium: > 0.20%

Moisture: <75.00%


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