Singen GI Tract Diet for Dogs


SINGEN GI Tract Diet VGD1 for Dogs is a specially formulated tube-feeding diet that helps to nourish and support gut health.

It contains hydrolyzed protein including glutamine, which helps to reduce the stimulation of the GI tract mucous membrane.

It also satisfies the requirements of the GI tract directly, helping to improve probiotic growth and motility, as well as to balance gut flora.

Additionally, SINGEN GI Tract Diet VGD1 for Dogs helps to improve the constitution of your dog and accelerate recovery after tube feeding.

Lastly, it can also help to improve stool appearance and intestinal immunity.

This tube-feeding diet is ideal for dogs who require tube feeding or who need additional support for gut health.


Available 250ml


It applies to dogs with Gastro Intestinal problems


Hydrolyzed proteins, Hericium, Chicory and Oligosaccharide

Crude Protein: >4.20%

Crude Fat: > 7.00%

Potassium: > 0.20%

Moisture: <75.00%


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