Simparica Trio for 10kg to 20kg Dogs


This product is sold per chewable.

Simparica Trio is a chewable tablet for dogs weighing between 10kg and 20kg. It is a monthly treatment that provides protection against fleas, ticks, and heartworms.

The tablet starts working within hours, killing fleas and providing long-lasting protection for a month. It is easy to administer, safe, and effective.

Simparica Trio helps keep dogs healthy and happy by preventing heartworm disease. It is a convenient choice for pet owners looking to protect their dogs from fleas, ticks, and heartworms. The tablets are formulated with three active ingredients, Sarolaner, Moxidectin, and Pyrantel, to provide broad-spectrum protection against a variety of parasites.


The dosage and administration of Simparica Trio for 10kg to 20kg dogs are as follows:


  • Simparica Trio is available in chewable tablet form.
  • For dogs weighing between 10kg and 20kg, the recommended dosage is one tablet per dog.
  • The tablets are specifically formulated to provide the appropriate dose for dogs within this weight range.


  1. Ensure your dog is in a calm and relaxed state.
  2. Offer the Simparica Trio chewable tablet directly to your dog or place it in their food bowl.
  3. Most dogs find the chewable tablets highly palatable and readily consume them.
  4. If your dog is hesitant to take the tablet, you can try hiding it in a small amount of food or a treat to encourage ingestion.
  5. Ensure that your dog eats the entire tablet. If the tablet is not consumed fully, administer another tablet to ensure the correct dosage.
  6. There is no need to restrict your dog’s food or water intake before or after administering Simparica Trio.

It is important to follow the specific dosage and administration instructions provided by your veterinarian or as indicated on the product packaging. If you have any concerns or questions about the dosage or administration of Simparica Trio for your 10kg to 20kg dog, consult your veterinarian for guidance and clarification.


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