Cosi Pet Food Milk Lactose Free


Cosi Pet’s Milk Lactose-Free is the perfect choice for lactose-intolerant pets. It’s specially formulated to provide delicious, lactose-free milk that is easy to digest and absorb by your pet. Additionally, it’s enriched with all the essential nutrients needed for a healthy diet, ensuring your pet remains in optimal shape. With Cosi Pet’s Milk Lactose-Free, you can provide your pet with a lactose-free milk option that doesn’t compromise on taste and nutrition. Your pet will love it!

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Available 1L

Homogenized and pasteurized full cream milk, enzyme (lactase).

serving per pack: 10 serving size: 100mL*

quantity per serving per 100mL

Energy 290kJ 290kJ

Protein 3.3g 3.3g

Fat, Total 3.5g 3.5g

– Saturated 2.4g 2.4g

– Trans
Carbohydrate 6.0g 6.0g

– Sugars 4.3g 4.3g

– Lactose NIL NIL

– Galactose 1.8g 1.8g

Sodium 34mg 34mg

Calcium 100mg 100mg

Note: All values are averages.

*your pet’s serving size will vary depending on size and age.

It is highly recommended to put Cosi Pet’s Milk Lactose Free 1L in the refrigerator upon purchase.


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