Yaho Dental Chew Bone


Yaho Dental Chew Bones are the perfect solution for pet owners who want to promote oral hygiene and prevent oral diseases in their furry friends.

Our chew bones are made from the finest ingredients to ensure that your pet’s oral health is taken care of. Our products help reduce plaque, tartar buildup, and bad breath, all while giving your pet a delicious treat.

They are also an ideal way to provide oral stimulation for your pet, helping them stay active and engaged.

With Yaho Dental Chew Bones, you can ensure that your fur baby is getting the oral hygiene they need to live a long, happy life.

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Available 105gms per piece

Sold per piece

Flavor: BBQ


1. Fresh Breath- Reduces DENTAL TARTAR that can cause bad breath and bad smell on teeth 2. Reduce Bacteria that causes Inflammation, Bleeding and Tooth Loss 3. Delicious Taste- Pets loves this Dental Bone taste that makes it easy to maintain dental health of your pets. 4. Easy Grasp Shape- Amazing shape that makes it easy for pets to chew on.

FLAVORS: Milk / Chicken / Beef / Pork / Mix

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Puppy 1-5kg : 5-13g/day Small Breed 5-10kg : 13-26g/day Medium Breed 10-25kg : 26-39g/day Large Breed more than 25kg: 39-78g/day

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in room temperature. Avoid storing in damp places.


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