Supreme Pro Plus


Available: 120ml

Dosage (Dogs + Cats + Birds)

Puppies: 0.5ml orally once a day

Adult Dogs:

Small Breeds: 1-3ml orally twice a day

Medium Breeds: 3ml orally twice a day

Large Breeds: 5ml orally twice a day

Giant Breeds: 8ml orally twice a day

Kittens: 0.5ml orally once a day

Adult Cats: 1-3ml orally twice a day

Young and Adult Birds: Mix 5-10ml per liter of water once a day

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We understand that your pet’s health and vitality means everything to you.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Supreme Pro Plus – the ultimate solution to elevate your furry friend’s well-being to new heights! Say goodbye to mediocrity and embrace a life full of energy and vitality with Supreme Pro Plus. Supreme Pro Plus is not just a pet supplement; it’s your pet’s best friend in the journey to optimal health. This carefully crafted formula is designed to be the ideal immuno- booster and performance enhancer, ensuring your pet is ready to conquer each day with boundless energy and zest.

Supreme Pro Plus 120ml gives your pet’s immune system the extra boost it needs. Whether your four-legged friend is a playful pup, a frisky feline, or a majestic horse, Supreme Pro Plus is tailor-made to provide comprehensive immune support, guarding against the challenges that come their way. But that’s not all – performance enhancement is where Supreme Pro Plus truly shines. Imagine your dog chasing a ball with newfound agility, your cat leaping with graceful precision, or your horse galloping with unmatched stamina.

That’s the kind of transformation Supreme Pro Plus brings to the table – a healthier, more vibrant companion who’s always ready for action. Supreme Pro Plus isn’t just a supplement; it’s a commitment to your pet’s well-being and happiness. Whether you have an active pet, a show competitor, or a loyal companion, Supreme Pro Plus is your ticket to unlocking their full potential. So, why settle for ordinary when your pet deserves the extraordinary? Choose Supreme Pro Plus 120ml, and embark on a journey of health, energy, and boundless joy.

A healthier pet means a happier life for both of you!


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