Johns Farms Roasted Chicken Breast Jerky


John’s Farm Treats are the perfect dog treat, made with premium meats and human edible ingredients.

They contain high levels of protein to give your dog the nutrition they need all while being delicious and 100% healthy!

Unlike other dog treats, John’s Farms Pet treats do not contain added grain, corn, soy, or meat meal.

Each treat is made with love and guaranteed to have only certified human edible ingredients. So give your dog the best treats possible and try John’s Farm Treats today!

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Available 80g

Ingredients: Chicken 85%, Starch 6%, Sorbitol 2%, Vegetable Protein 5%, Glycerin 1.5%, Sodium Lactate 0.5%.


Crude Protein           Min. 65.0%

Crude Fat                 Min. 4.0%

Crude Fiber              Max. 0.5%

Crude Ash                Max. 4.5%

Moisture                   Max. 18.0%

Feeding Guidelines:

Weight of Dog                  Amount Per Day

Below 6g                                   10g

6 – 12kg                                     20g

12 – 25kg                                   35g

25 – 50g                                     55g

Above 50g                                 70g


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